Join our CEO, Brian Rosenberg, on a webinar that he appeared on for Optimum Healthcare IT. In this webinar, he covers an overview of ERP systems in Healthcare, the importance of a selection process, how to structure the selection process, managing the RFP process, what to look for in demonstrations, facilitating a decision, negotiating the deal and budgeting, implementation, and when to bring in help.

“Many healthcare organizations are considering changing their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system used for critical back-office functions such as Finance, Supply Chain, and Human Resources. Having the right system is critically important to the success of the organization, but it can be challenging to get all operational areas to agree on a common solution. Many ERP solutions that work well in other industries are not so effective for hospitals. How does a healthcare organization evaluate and gain consensus on an ERP solution that works well for our industry? How do you gain a consensus on your ERP software selection?”

ERP Software Selection: Evaluating Options and Building Consensus from Optimum Healthcare IT on Vimeo.