Software Selection

Software Selection

Choosing The Right Software for your Business

Traditonally software selection has consisted of an extensive process of gathering requirements and providing potential vendors with exhaustive lists of desired features. However, we increasingly find that software solutions have become more of a commodity when it comes to a feature-by-feature comparison and that this method of software selection misses the key component of a successful software selection – what can the solution do for your business?

Accelerated RFI Model

TRG’s method of software selection is to focus on determining the business objectives of the organization and to provide the vendor with a summary of the current state and desired future state of the business – and to invite each vendor to demonstrate how their software solution will help to achieve the desired future state. This process encourages creativity in responeses to demonstrate not only what the solution can do, but the commitment of the software vendor to your industry and to their future development of solutions that will allow the business to save money and compete within the industry.

TRG Software Selection Services

  • Current State Analysis
  • RFI/RFP creation
  • Vendor short-listing
  • Participant Identification
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Demonstration Coordination
  • Negotiation and License Optimization
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Implementation Budgeting
  • Business Case