Change Management

Why is Change Management Important?

Change is vital to the growth of any organization.  However, change can be a painful process and without proper management, significant change can lead to significant resistance.  Far too often major projects such as software implementations, policy changes, or restructuring fails because the implementation approach fails to proactively address resistance to change.

Change Management is a methodology to engage the impacted staff in the process so that they not only accept, but embrace the forthcoming changes.  Creation and communication of a vision for the future state will help staff to understand why the organization is making the change and the benefits that are expected. Engaged staff share ownership, significantly increasing the likelihood of success and of end user satisfaction.

Unfortunately Change Management is far too often not included in project methodology or is not given the proper attention due to a lack of appreciation for its value. Without Change Management, projects are more likely to fail due to a failure to understand the end user needs, lack of engagement from users, communication breakdowns, and user resistance.

When is Change Management Needed?

Change Management is an essential component of major alterations in projects, technology, or staff.  TRG has provided Change leadership on a variety of projects including:

  • Software Implementations (Including ERP and EHR solutions)
  • Shared Services Transition
  • Re-organization
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Job Resdesign

TRG, Change Management Professionals

The TRG team includes certified Change Management Professionals that are experts in guiding organizations through change. Our Change Management services include:

  • Change Evaluation
  • Communication Planning
  • Audience Identification
  • Vision and Messaging Design
  • Engaging and Managing Stakeholders
  • Management of the change process
  • Resistance identification and management
  • Change Planning Workshops
  • Training and Coaching Plans